Being Bad at Something can Actually be Good

being bad

I'm sure everyone had the moment of clear realization that "I'm bad at this", "it is too hard" and it would be much better and easier to quit now before too long. The awesome thing about these thoughts is that they act like road signs, and tell me that this is the right way to go.

Critically, thinking about one's strong and weak points allows adjustments to be made. Tired after climbing a couple of staircases? Do more sports. Bad at math? Find that old college algebra textbook and some exercises. Is memory becoming flaky? Learn more things by heart. Without conscious realization, it's impossible to change one's weak points, unless on the off chance.

So what happens next after realizing of being bad at something? Proper attitude matters. Think of kids, of how they don't give up at doing what is interesting to them. And as an adult, it's much easier to generate a similar attitude.

Leveling up

To summarize, a realization of own's weakness is a positive thing that everyone should pursue as often as possible. Afterward, positive attitude matters for the changes to happen.

Personally, I imagine this process as a game, an RPG where anything is possible as long as there are enough skill points and character attributes are sufficient. Thinking in terms of a game helps me to understand that time and effort are necessary to level up. And as each new level in a game opens up new skills and perks, I am excited to see what's in store for me.