Personal Projects

Over the years, I have worked on various small projects that helped me learn new things. It's difficult to choose which ones I like most, but here are some of them. They are all open-source, so feel free to explore the code and get some inspiration or insights for your learning or projects.

  • NoX


    A store made in .NET and EF Core. UI is made with React.js and Redux Toolkit. Payments are handled by Stripe. Hosting is on

  • RxN


    An app about organizing events made in .NET and EF Core. UI is made with React.js. For hosting I used

  • AWS

    AWS Terraform Static Website Demo

    Hosting a static website on AWS with Terraform using S3 and CloudFront.

  • API

    Film API

    Exploring Go and PostgreSQL to create a minimal REST API for movies. Caddy is used as a reverse proxy and for automatic HTTPS.

  • SFA

    Spring Fresh Ads

    An advertisement website made in Spring Boot hosted on Heroku with Email support, Stripe for payments and i18n support.

  • CS50


    CS50: an Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard, this is where I started learning programming. I even had a chance to write in C.