Using XACT_ABORT and NOCOUNT in SQL Server Procedures

While learning about SQL Server stored procedures, I came across two statements that I had never seen before: XACT_ABORT and NOCOUNT. I was curious about what they do, so I decided to learn more and to share my findings.

Generally speaking, XACT_ABORT is a transaction option that determines whether the transaction is rolled back when certain additional errors occur which isn't turned on for backwards compatibility and NOCOUNT is a session option that determines whether the number of rows affected by a statement is returned to the client.

  • XACT_ABORT - Good for avoiding unexpected behavior connected to rolling back a transactions
  • NOCOUNT - Good for performance if the procedure is used in a loop by eliminating a network call

Here's a small example:

  @a int,
  @b int
  INSERT INTO table (a, b) VALUES (@a, @b);

Main resource that I used to learn more about these statements were from an article by Erland Sommarskog - Error and Transaction Handling in SQL Server.